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width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="o_nama.html"><img src="Grafika/dugona.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="simvoli.html"><img src="Grafika/dugsim.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="aktivnosti.html"><img src="Grafika/dugakt.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="riznica.html"><img src="Grafika/dugriz.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="novo.html"><img src="Grafika/dugnov.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a><a href="linkovi.html"><img src="Grafika/duglin.gif" width="90" height="31" border="0"></a> <a href="mailto:czipm@yubc.net"><img src="Grafika/kov2.jpg" width="18" height="31" border="0"></a> </td> <td><img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=1></td> <td><img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=1></td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top"><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" size="2"> <p align="center"><a href="edict.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/edict.gif" alt="EDICT OF MILAN 313-2013"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">!<br>"</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="zivot.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/94-knez.gif" alt="HIGH PATRONAGE"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">!<br> " </font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="duhovni_pokrovitelj.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/94-vladika.gif" alt="SPIRITUAL PATRONAGE"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">#%<br> " </font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="heraldika.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/ohgs.gif" alt="BOARD FOR HERALDIC AND GENEALOGICAL STUDIES" width="94" height="86" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">  <br> % '<br>  ( !"#</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="odbor-kultura.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/cipm-ok-m.gif" alt="BOARD FOR CULTURE" width="94" height="86" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">  <br> #"# #</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="odbor-ist.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/cipm-oi-opt.gif" alt="BOARD FOR HISTORIOGRPHY" width="94" height="86" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">  <br> !"  $#</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="odbor-pol.teor.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/cipm-oi-opt.gif" alt="BOARD FOR POLITICAL THEORY" width="94" height="86" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">  <br> "'#<br> " #</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="odbor-bogoslovlje.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/cipm-oi-opt.gif" alt="BOARD FOR THEOLOGICAL STUDIES" width="94" height="86" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">  <br> !!<br> !"#</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="sabor.html"><img src="Grafika/Foto/sabor.gif" alt="Serbian Orthodox Action ''Sabor''" width="81" height="84" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">! !<br>  !<br> &<br> ''! ''</font></a></p><p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><a href="svitanje.html"><img src="Grafika/svitaw94.gif" alt="#4@C65Z5 70 >@1C @>B82 >;5AB8 028A=>AB8 ''!28B0Z5''" width="94" height="68" border="0"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1"># #    #<br>  " !" !!"<br> ''!" ''</font></a></p><p align="center">&nbsp;</p> <a href="pocetna.html"><b>'"</b></a><br> <a href="o_nama.html"><b> </b></a><br> <a href="simvoli.html"><b>!</b></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="grb.html">@1</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zastava.html">0AB020</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="slava.html">!;020</a><br> <a href="aktivnosti.html"><b>"!"</b></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zdokumenti.html">>:C<5=B8</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zsaopstenja.html">!0>?HB5Z0</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="ztribine.html">"@818=5</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zmediji.html">548X8</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="znajave.html">0X025</a><br> <a href="riznica.html"><b> &</b></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zizvori.html">72>@8</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zmisli.html">8A;8</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zistrazivanja.html">AB@06820Z0</a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=13 height=1><a href="zrazno.html"> 07=></a><br> <a href="novo.html"><b></b>(<0?0)</a><br> <a href="linkovi.html"><b></b></a><br> <br><br><br><br> <p align="center"><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1"><b>';0=8F0:</b></font><br><br> <a href="http://internationale.monarchiste.com/"><img src="Grafika/Foto/imc.png" alt="Confrence Monarchiste Internationale"><br><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" color="brown" size="1">5RC=0@>4=a<br>>=0@E8AB8G:a<br>>=D5@5=F8Xa </font></a></p><p align="center"></p><br><br><br><br> 064/ 800 47 90<br> <a href="mailto:czipm@yubc.net">czipm@yubc.net</a> </td> <td><img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=1></td> <td align="center" valign="top"> <table width="650" border="1" borderColor="#000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="center" backGround="Grafika/pozadinaZ.jpg"> <tr> <td valign="top"><font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" size="2" color="#000000"> <br><br><br><br><br> <center><img src="Grafika/krstK.gif"> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <font face="Verdana,Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial" size="2" color="#000000"> </center> <br> <center><img src="Grafika/Foto/edict.png"></center><br><br><br><br><br><br> <b><i>0:>= %0_8 5=04 . >20=>28[</i><br><br><br><br><br> <center><font color=red size=5>" ! !*</font></center></b><br><br><br><br><br><br> <center><img src="Grafika/Foto/petrovdan-2013-01.gif"></center><br><br><br><br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;# 8<5 F0 8 !8=0 8 !25B>30 CE0.<br><br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;''(B> X5 18;> B> [5 18B8, HB> A5 G8=8;> B> [5 A5 G8=8B8, 8 =5<0 =8HB0 =>2> ?>4 AC=F5<'' (@>?.1,10), @5G8 AC &0@0 !>;><>=0 @5<C4@>30, :>X5 AC 2068;5 8 C Z53>2> 8 C 0?>AB>;A:> 8 C =0H5 2@5<5 8 C 2@5<5=0 1571@>X=8E ?>:>;5Z0, :>X0 870 =0A 4>;075.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;0B> 8 <8, 40=0A, 6828<> C 2@5<5=8<0 ?>4>1=8< 0?>AB>;A:8<  C 2@5<5=8<0 A5B25 8 65B25.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;#?@02> 70B> ?@8<5@8 @2>2@E>2=8E ?>AB>;0 5B@0 8 02;0 ?@54 =0A ?>AB02Y0XC 25@>4>AB>X=8 @5F5?B 682Y5Z0, 45;0Z0 8 A;C65Z0. @>7 <CG5=8G:C =0HC ?@>H;>AB 8 A040HZ>AB8 =0A CB2@RCXC =0 :@A=>-20A:@A=>< ?CBC, ''?CBC 1>3>?>7=0Z0'', ?> @5G8 25;8:>30 #3>4=8:0 >68X53 ?>A;54Z8E 2@5<5=0 8 :@28 A@?A:5, !25B>3 CAB8=0 5;8XA:>3.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;@8G0 > !25B>< ?>AB>;C 5B@C 8 !25B>< ?>AB>;C 02;C, X5AB5 ?@8G0 > ?>B?C=>< ?@5C<Y5ZC 8 ?@5?>@>4C ?0;5 ?@8@>45 G>25:>25. @8G0 > B><5 :0:> A5 >4 !8<>=0, ?>AB0X5 5B@><, 0 >4 !02;0  02;><. @>?CHB5=> :@>7 A@?A:C ?@87<C 40=0HZ8F5, :0:> A5 >4 >1571>65=>3 45<>A0, ?>AB0X5 >1;03>40[5=8< 8 >1>65=8< ;0>A><. 4 15A;>25A=5 @CY5, ?>4;>6=5 A20:>2@A=8< <0=8?C;0F8X0<0, =8?>40HB020Z8<0 8 ?>B?C=>< 70B8@0ZC, :0 A25A=>X 8 A025A=>X =0@>4=>X 0X54=8F8, :0> 25@>4>AB>X=>< 45;C >2>3 7@08Y0  0@>40 >68X53.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;5;8:0 A5B20 5B@>20 8 02;>20, :0> >=8E :>X8 AC 18;8 ?@28 <5RC >=8<0 :>X8 AC A25B, CB>=C> C @072@0B, A20:>2@A=C <>@0;=>-5B8G:C 8 A20:C 4@C3C >B?048XC, C?>7=0;8 A0 1;038< ;8:>< %@8AB>28<, :@C=8A0=0 X5 3>;3>B>?>4>1=>< 65B2>< C?@02> =0 40=0HZ8 40=. <br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;!5<5 :>X8 AC 10F8;8 >=8, 0 ?>A51=> !25B8 ?>AB>; 02;5, :0> ?>AB>; 0@>40, :>X8 X5 ?@>?>2540> 8 =0 A@?A:8< 5B=8G:8< ?@>>AB>@8<0 (C 0:54>=8X8 8 0;<0F8X8), =0AB02Y0 8 40=0A 40 4>=>A8 1@>X=5 ?;>4>25 8 4>=>A8[5 8E 4> :>=F0 2@5<5=0. #?@02> > B>< =0H5< @04>A=>< 8AGZ5:820ZC, 8AB>< >=>< :>X8< AC ?>AB>;8 =0?>X8;8 8 ?@25 %@8H[0=5, :>X8 AC, AB>30, 18;8 3>B>28 40, C7 CA:;8:: ''0@0=0B0'', 4>1@>2>Y=> ?>4=5AC 8 =0X3@>7=8X0 AB@040Z0 8 <CG5Z0, 3>2>@8 8 A0< ?>AB>; 02;5 :040 25;8: ''5@ A04 2848<> :0> C >3;540;C, C 703>=5B:8, 0 >=40 [5<> ;8F5< C ;8F5; A04 7=0<> 45;8<8G=>, 0 >=40 [C ?>7=0B8 :0> HB> 18E ?>7=0B'' (1.>@.13,12).<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;040 AC >25 8 A;8G=5 @5G8 02;>25 =0H8 !25B8 @5F8 A;CH0;8 8 C A2>X0 A@F0 A;030;8, C?@02> =0 <5ABC 345 A5 40=0A =0;078 X54=0 >4 =0X25[8E A@?A:8E !25B8Z0, 0=0AB8@ @:0, C A@?A:>X 0;<0F8X8, B040 X5 ?>AB02Y5= 70<5B0:, A5<5, :>X8 [5 A5 @0AF25B0B8 C @0A:>H=8 F25B A@?A:>3 :>A>2A:>3 7025B0. 8X5, 70B>, A;CG0X=> HB> X5 =0@>4=0 B@048F8X0, =5@5B:>, ?>AB>;0 5B@0 4>2>48;0 C 257C A0 !25B8< !02><, X5@ AC 8 >=8 8 ?>AB>; 02;5 8 !25B8 =57 070@, 18;8 C2545=8 C 8AB8 >?8B 5@5  8AB5 >=5 5@5, :>X0 =0A X5 3>;3>BA:>< 6@B2>< 8 :@2YC <CG5=8:0 >B:C?8;0 8 ?@5?>@CG8;0 70 682>B 25G=8.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;8AC A0<> ?@>H;0, 25[ X5 8 =0H5 ?>:>;5Z5 ''70 ?X5A<C AB2>@5=>'', ?> @5G8 ;048:5 5B@0 5B@>28[0 53>H0, G8XC 200-3>48HZ8FC @>R5Z0 >25 3>48=5 >15;56020<>. 0B> =0H =0@>4 B>;8:> ;8G8 =0 5B@0, :><5 !0< >A?>4 25;8: ''08AB0, 708AB0 B8 :065<: 040 A8 18> <;0R8, >?0A820> A8 A5 A0< 8 E>48> A8 :C40 A8 EB5>; 0 :04 >AB0@8H, @0H8@8[5H @C:5 A2>X5 8 4@C38 [5 B5 >?0A0B8 8 >425AB8 :C40 =5 65;8H'' (=.21,18).<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;0B> ;8G8<> 8 =0 02;0, X5@ :0> 8 Z53>2C, 1571@>X=5 3;025 <CG5=8:0 A@?A:8E 4>G5:0> X5 8 4>G5:820[5 >A?>4 =0 @C:5 !2>X5 C &0@AB2C 515A:><. 4 B5 :@28, 0?>AB>;A:5 8 A@?A:5, ?>F@25=5> X5 8 1>6C@ :>A>2A:8 8 20740 =0A >?><8Z5 =0 1C4=>AB, =0 AB@065Z5 =04 A0<8<0 A>1><.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"> =0A 20A:@A=> F@25=8;> >10257CX5 =0 =5701>@02, =0 >43>2>@=>AB 8, 87=04 A2530, =0 YC102, :0> HB> =0A CG8 8 !25B8 ?>AB>; 02;5: '':> X578:5 G>25G8X5 8 0=R5>A:5 3>2>@8<, 0 YC1028 =5<0<, >=40 A0< :0> 72>=> :>X5 X5G8, 8;8 :8<20; :>X8 725G8'' (1.>@.13,1) 8: '' A04 >AB0X5 25@0, =040, YC102, >2> B@>X5; 0;8 >4 Z8E =0X25[0 X5 YC102'' (1.>@.13,13).<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;#?@02> C 8<5 B5 YC1028, 0 =5 C 8<5 7;>?0<[5Z0 8;8 >A25B>YC182>AB8, <8 !@18 8 A25 @02>A;02Y5, =5<0<> ?@02> 40 701>@028<> 5B@>240= 1992. 3>48=5 >A?>4Z5, :040 AC :@2>654=5 A@51@5=8G:5 _8E04;8X5, C A@51@5=8G:8< A5;8<0 0;07j5 8 !0A5 8 C 1@0BC=0G:8< A5;8<0 8Y0G8 8 03>=8, =0 =0X725@A:8X8 =0G8= C<>@8;8 69 A@?A:8E <CG5=8:0, 0 1@>X=5 70@>18;8 >4 :>j8E <=>38 =8:040 =8AC ?@>=0R5=8.<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;AB>25B=> AB>B8=0<0 E8Y040 =0H8E :>A>2A:8E, X0A5=>20G:8E, ?@518;>20G:8E 8 4@C38 <CG5=8:0, 8 >28 =0H8 =>2><CG5=8F8 AC ?>AB@040;8 X548=> 8 8A:YCG82> 70B> HB> AC 18;8 ?@02>A;02=8 !@18, X5@ AC ?@8?040;8 =0@>4C :>X8, 25[ 28H5 >4 X54=>3 <8;5=8XC<0, =5>4CAB0X=> :>@0G0 AB07><, :>XC AC B@0A8@0;8 !25B8 ?>AB>;8 5B0@ 8 02;5. !B07><, =0 :>X>X AC 8A?8A0=0 7025B=0 A@?A:0 35A;0: ''0 @AB '0A=8 8 !;>1>4C ;0B=C'', ''!;>1>40 8;8 A<@B'' 8 ''! 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 ! !  ! & "></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.hilandar.org/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/hilandar.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="><>78B5 >1=>2C !25B5 A@?A:5 &0@A:5 02@5 - 0=0AB8@0 %8;0=40@0"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.pravoslavlje.nl/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/BANER_pravoslavljec.gif " width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="?0@E8X0 0?04=>52@>?A:0 - %>;0=48X0"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.svetivasilije.se/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/sv.vasilije.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="!@?A:0 @02>A;02=0 0@>E8X0 !25B>30 0A8;8X0 5;8:>30 - %5;A8=31>@3"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.royalfamily.org/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/pak.gif" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt=" ... @8=F ;5:A0=40@ 0@0R>@R528["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.princedimitri.net/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/dimitri.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt=" ... =57 8<8B@8X5 0@0R>@R528["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.lifelineaid.org/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/kat.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="$>=40F8X0 ... @8=F575 0B0@8=5 0@0R>@R528["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.princesselizabeth.org/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/fkj.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="$>=40F8X0 @8=F575 5;8A025B5 0@0R>@R528["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.imperialhouse.ru/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/romanoff.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt=" CA:8 &0@A:8 ><"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.royalhouseofgeorgia.ge/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/bagr-muhr.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="@C78=A:8 @0Y52A:8 ><"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.kingofgreece.org/" target="new"> <img src="Grafika/greece.jpg" width="110" height="45" border="0" alt="@G:8 @0Y52A:8 ><"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.heraldikasrbija.com/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/dljh.gif" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="@CHB2> !@?A:8E @1>=>A0F0 ''8;>H 18;8[''"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.armorial.ru/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/rhk.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt=" CA:0 E5@0;48G:0 :>;538X0"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.sibgerold.ru/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/sgk.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="!818@A:0 E5@0;48G:0 :>;538X0"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.armorial-register.com/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/inar.jpg" width="110" height="40" border="0"alt="Burke's Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.heraldicarts.net/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/baner-link final.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="%5@0;48G:8 #<5B=8: !@5[:> 8:8B>28["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.heraldikum.com/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/heraldukum.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="%5@0;48G:8 #<5B=8: 51>XH0 8:8["></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.olgicastefanovic.com/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/olgica.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="#<5B=8G:0 048>=8F0 ''025HB0Z5''"></a><br> <img src="Grafika/t.jpg" width=1 height=4><br> <a href="http://www.posmatrac.com/" target="new"><img src="Grafika/posmatrac-mali-banner.jpg" width="110" height="50" border="0"alt="!" 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