Terrence Lynn Sarros S.H.A.

Terrence Lynn Sarros S.H.A.

Terrence Sarros (Terry) has been working in Heraldic art since 2007. As a Heraldic Artist he has created numerous emblazons for private clients, local city organizations, local city government agencies as well as state wide government agencies and organizations.

He is of Hellenic and Italian origin, born in the United States to a Greek father and an Italian mother. Via his male line decent, he hails from the Epirus region in Greece were the Sarros family has ancient ties. Via his maternal line, he decends from the Di Cintio Family of Carbonaro, Bari, Italy.

Terry’s intestest outside of Heraldry are mostly centered around his wife of 17 years and his three children. He has played piano for many years and spends much of his time teaching his children music and art. Terry was trained in piano my the great Dr. Leo Podolsky May 25th 1894 – October 1st 1987.

Among the honors Terry has received are:


– Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ
– Commissioned Honorary Colonel of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
– Heraldic Design Award for Personal Heraldry – 2009
– Fellow of The International Association of Amateur Heralds
– Craft Member of The Society of Heraldic Arts

Terry maintains a personal website at: http://www.thov.org